This One Is For You. Yes, you.

“But what if there really were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME!”   via In case you need another little encouragement example . . . via

Reasons Why Vintage Men Are Better

1.) They wear bow ties more than your average (non-stripper) twenty-something-year-old. 2.) Old men frequently wear more tweed newsie-style hats than other age groups. 3.) They rock suspenders. 4.) They wore everything now-popular before it got popular, making them . . . dare I say . . . the original hipsters? 5.) Despite societal shifts,Continue reading “Reasons Why Vintage Men Are Better”

Kids With Causes

Endangered Species: Olivia Binfield is both talented and adorable, it’s almost too much to handle! I love that she uses her poetic prowess for good! Edurelief: Capucine is an adorable French child (who is no longer a child probably, since this has been out for a while), but she uses her YouTube popularity for good,Continue reading “Kids With Causes”