Healthy with a Twist (of lemon!)


. . . but lots of people are looking to  slim down for the impending (Lord willing) nice weather. Keeping in mind phrases like “bathing suit body”, I thought I would share my current favorite healthy treat with you! 

Broccoli with lemon

broccoli with lemon



That’s right! Cook your broccoli as you usually would, but instead of putting a pat of butter on top of that steaming bowl of greens, or loading it up with enough salt to make a life-sized replica of Lot’s wife, just squeeze a little fresh lemon over it. . . it’s insanely good, and kind of unexpected! As far as healthiness? I know too many people who eat greens/veggies with butter melting atop. Just say no. It’s not like you have to balance out the healthiness of broccoli with some sort of opposite unhealthiness.

stop the butter butt


And enjoy yourself the delicous, zesty, healthy goodness of broccoli with lemon!


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