OH Roommates.

Byron totally ripped this off of the bible.  Proverbs 17-22


Let me set the scene.

My bedroom door is right next to the bathroom. This is pretty convenient, but also kind of awkward occasionally. I am used to it, but it also occasionally gives me access to some interesting inter-roommate conversations. This is the most recent that made me chuckle: Roommate A had just gotten in the shower, when Roommate B knocked on the door.

B: Hey! Do you mind if I come in and go pee before I go to bed?

A: Yeah! NO worries.

B: Are you suuuuure?

A: Yeah dude, go ahead.

B: Okaaaay, don’t look or you’re gonna see what the stork saw!

A: Haha, yeah. Well, don’t you look behind this curtain, or you’re gonna see somethin’ like an 80s porn movie.

 B: . . . oh, okay.

Cut to me laughing like a fiend in my room. 

Sometimes, life gives you moments when you just have to laugh a lot, and I appreciate those ridiculous moments when my life causes me to chuckle.

it just isvia


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