Firth of All:

I know I am not alone in my perpetual crushing on Colin Firth, despite our huge age differential. The man successfully interprets such gorgeous sensitive men on screen, it’s hard not to believe he’s a little bit like that off-screen. Don’t agree with me?

Let’s look at the evidence:

colin firth

#1: The Importance of Being Earnest?



#2: What a Girl Wants?

what a girl wants toast


#3:Pride and Prejudice?

How can you see that last movie and not fall for Mr. Darcy a little?


#4:  Bridget Jones Diary?

The whole “just the way you are” thing? Gets me every time.

just the way you are


#5: Or perhaps you’ll at least have seen Love Actually?

Anybody who would learn portuguese to woo the love of his life gets an A+ in the romance department as far as I’m concerned.



I think I’ve pretty much been in love with him ever since I saw The Secret Garden. And that was based solely off of a very short clip!

secret garden

Colin Firth is one dreamy man.

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