Firth of All:

I know I am not alone in my perpetual crushing on Colin Firth, despite our huge age differential. The man successfully interprets such gorgeous sensitive men on screen, it’s hard not to believe he’s a little bit like that off-screen. Don’t agree with me? Let’s look at the evidence: #1:┬áThe Importance of Being Earnest? viaContinue reading “Firth of All:”

Ten Valuable Facts I’ve Learned From Old Movies

I realized today that, unlike most 24-year-olds, I spent most of my impressionable years glued to Cary Grant classics. Even though this left me a little out of the loop when everyone was talking about Corey and Topenga (?) and someone named Zack Morris during Freshman year college orientation, I think I’m thankful. In aContinue reading “Ten Valuable Facts I’ve Learned From Old Movies”