Dear Tonsils,

I know we’ve been in this together for a while now, but I just feel like this isn’t working anymore.

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The truth is, we’ve both made mistakes. I spent too much time at work with my students and threw all of my other efforts into grad school instead of our relationship upkeep. That neglect is really what lead to my ill-advised fling with Mono a few years back. . . And I think our doctor is right, maybe its the residual Mono issues coming between us. Regardless, though, it just doesn’t seem like we’re gonna make it much further together. It’s time to go our seperate ways. Don’t feel bad. We’ve had a good run,  you and I, but we just can’t seem to move beyond this toxic stage of our relationship. I thought when we started going to the Doctor that things were going to get better, but it seems like whatever quick fixes people throw at us, we don’t seem to be able to pull through without one of us still hurting.

It seemed like what works for you is always the opposite of what works for me, you know? You loved the sulfa treatment, but they just made me feel like I couldn’t breath. That’s no way to live. I thought we might be able to make it through, in sickness like we did in health, but when I found out you spent all of those months with Strep, it was the straw the broke the camel’s back. How could you spend all of that time together and try to keep it off my radar? Like I wouldn’t notice?!  But whoever is to blame, I think it’s time to make things official, Tonsils.  I’m not saying it won’t hurt, because that would just be naive; I haven’t gone through this with tonsils before, and we’ve been together a long time. Ultimately, though, we’re going to be better off without eachother; healthier.  Please try to understand.


Your Person

p.s. I would really appreciate it if you could cool it with the passive aggressive attacks on my health between now and our appointment. April 9th is not so far that we can’t be civil, and I don’t think I can handle any more of the pain you keep bringing.

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Dabbling in decoratives is an ongoing obsession. I love having a go at This, That and the Other. . . tackling projects that tickle my fancy, hoarding costumes (for the "Someday" that I own a dress-up tea-house for grown-ups) and hosting themed parties whenever I am not immersed in teaching French and Writing to high school students. In the interest of full transparency, there's something serious you should know: I overuse the ellipsis . . . frequently. Embarassingly enough, it seems to be the punctuation that best captures my stream of thought as it flits off of one subject and towards the next!

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