Well Shoot, Winchester.

I have been watching the show Supernatural  on Netflix whenever I get sick lately. So, as you can probably guess, I’ve watched a few seasons worth of episodes at this point. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the series, it follows the journey of two vagrant brothers (Dean and Sam) as they systematically encounter and eliminate demons and other nightmarish creatures from the underworld. There is exceptional character development, endearing brotherhood, adequate hints of romance, some ghoulish and creepy moments to keep you on your toes, a healthy ability to laugh at its own genre, and an exceptional underlying build to the plot. I’ve been enjoying it, in all it’s different facets, like most of my friends did back in high school. That said, I am ever-increasingly in-character-love with Dean Winchester.



I know that I’m not the only one. . . I mean, it’s impossible, but sometimes you have to ask yourself what the general opinion is on your favorite personnage, you know? So, where does everybody turn when they want know public opinion? Well, Google’s auto-complete feature, obviously. For example:

Dean is

Well, this didn’t shed so much light on public opinion, but was definitely informational.  I mean, first and foremost, it established the fact that he really exists. He might be bisexual, but apparently is “saved”, aaaaand he’s in my apartment. Hmmm. A thorough search revealed that google may have been a bit misguided in some of it’s information. Not to worry, though, sometimes you need to type something a little different to garner the best information.

Dean is quite the man's man.


Dean W

Well, there’s that sexuality question again, but clearly, the man at least likes women if he’s arguing for their rights. Plus, he still seems to be “saved” . . . which I think means he loves Jesus, which is definitely a plus.  And that last one? Well, duh. It’s not even his looks so much as everybody might think. . . there’s something very manly and primal about that character. Dean is Dark


But, you know, there is maybe such a thing as too manly. I mean, you have to have an emotional side/be in touch with your emotions to be truly attractive. This led to a third Google foray. . .

Dean Winchester love

Clearly, this man has his emotions in the right place. I mean, he loves (in general, I’m assuming), he loves his brother, he loves kissing, AND he loves pie. These are clearly all good things to love. that smile...


Just look at this range of emotion:

in touch with his emotions


When you compare these results to those garnered by his younger brother (on the show), Sam Winchester, well . . .

Sam Winchester - Google

We have a clear winner, folks. the brothers...


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