AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!

1.) I love crumbled goat cheese

. . . especially on salad with lightly oiled and sautéed sweet peppers. And Stop-n-Shop’s new balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (found by the fresh spices in the produce section, in case you’re searching). YUM. Go eat it right now!!!

salad dressing yumminess


2.) Sometimes (in case you didn’t notice) when I am bored/distracted/feeling my ADD, I google things. And then, sometimes, I lose faith in the intelligence of Humanity:

Um, it's diabetes

3.) Popsicles are one of the best summery treats of all time.

My new favorite are Yasso vanilla bean bars.

4.) I am GARDENING!!!

Hooray for trying to grow a green-thumb! Check out my plants!


6.) I throw a FANTASTIC impromptu tea-party.


Cutest Girl in the World

"princess" ice cream

tea party!!

7.) I picked berries on Wednesday, and I pretty much felt like Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty), except for the whole dancing woodland creatures part.


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