AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!

1.) I love crumbled goat cheese . . . especially on salad with lightly oiled and sautéed sweet peppers. And Stop-n-Shop’s new balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (found by the fresh spices in the produce section, in case you’re searching). YUM. Go eat it right now!!! via 2.) Sometimes (in case you didn’t notice) when IContinue reading “AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!”

A Poetic Discovery

While paging through some ancient books recently, I stumbled on this treasure: Making Beds an original poem, author unknown We’re very, very busy Cause we’re making beds! No, we don’t mean the people kind with sheets and quilts and spreads A little rake and hoe is all the kind we’re making needs Cause we’re makingContinue reading “A Poetic Discovery”