Some Lace Love

It all began with a frame.

Just a simple frame. I liked the shape. It fit the naked wall I happened to have at my disposal . . . and so this project began.A SImple Frame

Now I just had to figure out what the heck I would put inside it. I took the shabby piece of cardboard the fit the frame, and covered it with some lovely black contact paper I happened to have lying around. THEN, I found my unreasonably large store of lace.

The Ingredients . . . aka: Lace

As I laid the lace out, I realized how truly lovely this might wind up looking! I overlaid the different pieces of lace, using the occasional piece of tape to attach it firmly in place. Laying it out. . . LaceAfter it was all settled, I used some fabric stiffener to spray it all down and keep it from getting all bent out of shape!

Spray the lace

Once that was dry, all it took was a little maneuvering, I put it in the frame, and hung it on the wall! The effect was just what I wanted, so pretty!

Lace Decor - No Sew

GISHWHES 2013: Team UndercoverCivilians

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted some of my adventures, which grad school, teacher back-to-school, and GISHWHES will do to you. But fear not, I’ve still had adventures aplenty.

GISHWHES, which stands for The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, was a magical experience. One week, 156 crazy items to scavenge photos/videos for . . .

Just A few of the AWESOME  adventures that GISHWHES inspired for my teammates and I: 

1.) “Roost on a busy sidewalk until your egg hatches. Announce the birth with a squawk (no more than a 15 second video).”

2.) Create a dynamic, documentary short film exposing little-known facts about your hometown (two minute video).

3.) Go to work dressed as a robot. We must see clips of you getting ready in the morning, commuting, and arriving at work and doing your job. We must also see the reactions of people you pass on your commute and/or at work.

4.) Get your team’s new ice cream flavor on sale in an ice cream parlor. The new flavor must have a catchy new name and must be a combination of ingredients that we (the judges) have never before heard of in an ice cream. The ice cream shop employee must tell a customer what is in your ice cream and the customer must sample your new flavor.

5.) Find an example of someone who engages in sustained generosity in your community and then do something nice for them.  In the video, you must describe what the person does for their community, and then show what your kind gesture toward them is.

6.) A preacher in church condemning GISHWHES and GISHWHESHEANS.

7.) A university professor giving a technical explanation of why the telegraph will inevitably be making a comeback.

8.) Find a dog named, “Castiel.” Call it. Have it come when called.

9.)Write a haiku about waiting. Post it (no graffiti!) at a bus stop.


10.) While showing some sign of the dragon-attack on your clothing or body, panhandle on a sidewalk (NOT ON A MEDIAN IN TRAFFIC!) with a sign that reads: “A DRAGON BURNED MY CASTLE DOWN.”

Panhandling Princess

11.) Bear and Dragon clothing made from Kale.


12.) Make a picture book for preschoolers explaining the Pythagorean theorem.

my book

13.) You are what you eat. Prove it.

you are what you eat

14.) If Gishwhes were a moving or shipping company, what would its slogan be? Let’s see the slogan on the side of an 18-wheeler. Letters must be at least 3 feet in height. No illegal graffiti allowed! You must have permission from the owner of the truck and we must see the entire truck in the image.

ship it

15.) Make your country’s flag from food or food packaging.

map it

16.) Make a cozy quilt from old dirty socks. Snuggle up in it alone or with your best friend.


17.) Let’s see a portrait of Chris Hardwick from the made from dried fruit.


18.) Taxidermy animals dressed for and playing or doing one of the following: roller derby, doubles tennis in whites, a 4-some of golfers (must be traditionally dressed with knickers), cricket players in whites, disco dancing (in 70s disco clothes), synchronized swimming (with nose clips), or a karate class (black belts).


19.)Go through a fast food drive-through with an adult dressed as a baby in a car seat in the back. The adult must have a pacifier in his or her mouth and must be pre-verbal.

Baby Adult

20.) Release the Kraken.Release the Kraken

21.) Mexico is famous for the perfect desert: the churro. We know churros are delicious, but what else are they good for? Improve on perfection by modifying a churro to serve an alternate non-food purpose.

churro swords

22.)A fully dressed nun in her habit going down a waterslide or swinging on a rope into a river.


23.) Viking Rats.Viking Rats

24.) Little Jack Horner, Little Bo Peep, Peter Pumpkin, Little Boy Blue and the Queen of Hearts at a late-night vice-ridden poker game.

Nursery Crimes

25.) You, dressed as The Flash in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) tunnel. If this is too difficult, you will get full credit for dressing as The Flash in any actual, operational particle accelerator.

flash at Cornell!

26.) Shoot a real life comic book page. In other words, shoot 4 photographs of something that looks like it would be in a comic book or graphic novel and arrange the photos like panels onto one page. This must be an original story with original characters and it must be staged, not photoshopped. You have to figure out how to make the thought or dialogue bubbles and lettering during the shoot.

Comic?27.) What would a teddy bear hostage situation look like?

teddy bear hostage

28.) Create an online dating profile for your pet on a real dating site.

winky's dating profile


  1. Let’s see you and a friend, side-by-side, donating blood or platelets. Wear something festive on your head to commemorate the occasion.


30.) Rage against the dying of the light.dying of the light

And there were so many more!!!

I’m kind of happy for the break, but already looking forward to:


Pamper the Hamper: Some DIY TLC

I bought an old hamper, because I thought it might fit in just the right spot in my apartment – which it does! It’s made of metal, and I think the design is cute . . . plus, for $5? Where can you go wrong, am I right? buy an old hamper

After it was finally painted (RUSTOLEUM ALL THE WAY, BABY!!)and I had changed the knobs (courtesy of home depot and a screwdriver, it was time to address the dilapidated and unsightly top. Since I had a bunch of old tiles laying around, I messed around with them and wound up with this:

Place the TilesBut how to keep them in place? Nobody wants loose tile floating around their hamper. If it ever fell over it’d be a huge mess. Unfortunately, I sort of decided that I’m afraid of grout. Grout-phobia. It’s a terrible thing. SO, I decided to try Resin for the first time. I got myself some “Parks” super glaze (also from Home Depot, and recycled my Starbucks cups into measuring containers.

Ready the Resin

Just so you know, when people say Resin has a strong smell, they aren’t kidding. . . the stuff is POTENT! Basically pretty easy to use, though, you just mix and pour. . . and if you don’t want your cat to get resined into your cute little table-top, you might also plan to cover it while it sets! I recommend Glad Press’n Seal, which you can find at any old grocery store!

Pour it and Protect itI’m pretty pleased with the results, and I love the new hallway hamper!

The Finished Product!

Sheep Pops

Some of you may remember that, once upon a time, I made some passable-looking Boston Terrier Cake Pops, yes? Well, not so very long ago, my sister asked if I would be willing to undertake the making of some more ovine pops in honor of an upcoming baby-shower. Always game for a challenge, I went for it!  After making the cake pops (which are laughably easy to throw together – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!), I set about the decorating of the flock.

Things you need to make sheep cake pops

CandiQuik (which I bought at Target!) and Wilton Fondant were my two major staples for this project. Don’t even bother with melting of white chocolate, it’s a lumpy disaster every time! Also, without fondant, you would have some headless little sheepies, which is a little gruesome if you ask me. The black fondant was easy to work with and simple enough to form into little sheep heads with a quick process!

Making Fondant Sheep HeadsNow, once there are heads, the eyes become extra important. I bought pre-made eyes, because I didn’t feel like piping anything out of a pastry tube this evening, but I don’t want them to fall off or pop out at the baby shower, so I mixed a little powdered sugar and water, or as I like to call it: sugar mortar. Just a teeny dab on the back of each little frosting eye helped everything to stick together nicely.

Securing the eyes...After the heads were completed, I melted the candiquik and started to douse the cake-pops with white chocolate, making sure to attach a sheep-face to each one while I was at it!

chocolate coverageI made a few of the sheep coated with the small round pastry-decorations you see above, and they turned out adorable, but wound up being oodles and scads of extra work that I couldn’t bring myself to do for very long on a late Wednesday evening, so shorn sheep became a fast pop-decor choice!

A Flock of Sweet Deliciousness

And voilà, the puffy little sheep are ready to be herded over to the baby shower and devoured by pregnant ladies (or, at least one!). Would I make these again? Absolutely! Definitely do-able!

Add a banner for a nice extra touch!