GISHWHES 2013: Team UndercoverCivilians

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted some of my adventures, which grad school, teacher back-to-school, and GISHWHES will do to you. But fear not, I’ve still had adventures aplenty. GISHWHES, which stands for The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, was a magical experience. One week, 156 crazy items toContinue reading “GISHWHES 2013: Team UndercoverCivilians”

Pamper the Hamper: Some DIY TLC

I bought an old hamper, because I thought it might fit in just the right spot in my apartment – which it does! It’s made of metal, and I think the design is cute . . . plus, for $5? Where can you go wrong, am I right?  After it was finally painted (RUSTOLEUM ALLContinue reading “Pamper the Hamper: Some DIY TLC”

Sheep Pops

Some of you may remember that, once upon a time, I made some passable-looking Boston Terrier Cake Pops, yes? Well, not so very long ago, my sister asked if I would be willing to undertake the making of some more ovine pops in honor of an upcoming baby-shower. Always game for a challenge, I wentContinue reading “Sheep Pops”