Nightmare on Memory Lane

Like any self-respecting and morbidly curious person, I have a hard time resisting the allure of boxes upon boxes of yellowed documents, brittle papers, and time-induced-sepia-toned photos. Old things fascinate me in a way I cannot truly put into words. When I decipher the beautiful handwriting from the back of a postcard written in 1857,Continue reading “Nightmare on Memory Lane”

Sowa’s the big deal?

Sowa? No longer just a slurred belligerent comeback; after the day I spent at the Sowa Market in Southie, this word took on new life. What is The Sowa Market, might you ask??? Well. WELL. Start by picturing your favorite book, ok? Once you have everything you love about that book in mind, mentally add the mostContinue reading “Sowa’s the big deal?”