Advent-ures: Going Nutty!

So, What Do Nativities Have  To Do With Nut Cookies? Bear with me, they connect in my mind (somehow ) . . . Not everyone knows that the French nativity scene, or La Crèche de Noël, is more than just your average Mary-Joseph-BabyJesus-Shepherds-Angel deal. Most American people (like me) grew up with your average nativityContinue reading “Advent-ures: Going Nutty!”

All I Want For Christmas. . .

CHRISTMAS LISTS = SACRILEGE? Okay, maybe sacrilege is  a strong word. But making a Christmas list is an action taken by greedy, demanding, bratty little children who should chill out and learn how to be thankful for whatever they receive and stop stealing the joy/surprise and fun out of Christmas gifting practices. . . orContinue reading “All I Want For Christmas. . .”