Felt the [g]LOVE!

I recently stumbled upon a few pairs of soft red gloves inhabiting the last lonely sale rack of a post-Christmas seasonal apparel massacre. I couldn’t just leave them there. As a born and raised north-easterner who has ample experience with nor’easters, I quite justifiably love gloves. Then again, the practical among you might protest (and you would be right in pointing out), I have many gloves. These gloves are not anywhere near as decorative and adorable as the usual gloves I love. . . so, in circumstances such as these, when faced with a glovely bargain, you must ask yourself :

What do you do dear?

for starters

WELL, I’m glad you asked. What did I do? I bought them in a fit of bargain-price-induced impulse. This story, marked as it is by thrift-price induced spendthrifty-ness,  might have ended there, with the little red gloves uselessly gathering dust-bunnies in an environment rife with buyers-remorse . . . but it doesn’t. Instead the previously-orphaned little glovelies just needed a little love added into their sparse lives. Thankfully, I happen to still be in possession of an unholy amount of felt. With a snip-snip hear and a snip-snip there, a small bland square of pale pink felt was soon transformed…

felt thatAll that remained was to gather the tools needed to equip my (seriously) meager excuse for sewing ability . . .

thread. . . and shortly thereafter, the humdrum red gloves – those gloves that might once have disappeared into your average target cart like Waldo in a sea of candy-canes – were utterly transformed by the easiest DIY valentine-ification imaginable.

Behold: A New Kind of Gloves!


Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can have it on your pinky?

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts?

Most people who know me are fully aware of my vehement love of all things in celebration of

Valentine’s Day!

I have begun my preparations in earnest for this most joyous of days, and my very first gift-project has turned out rather adorably! I found this lovely idea for making pocket-sized bean bags as winter hand warmers on a blog called Practically Functional (thanks you Pinterest).

I started with the main materials: red felt, a needle, and some thread


Using my handy dandy sewing scissors, I cut heart-shaped pairs out and sewed around the edges, leaving about an inch-and-a-half opening. Then I turned it inside out so that the seam did not show. . . and I went to search my kitchen cabinets for some grainy goodness that might hold heat.

rice rice baby!Leaving no small amount of rice scattered around my kitchen, I managed to fill the little sachets, then sewed the final opening closed carefully, so that it did not look highly different from the rest. I also used the thread to make a double-seam, sewing carefully around the entire heart a second time. That fnished, voila!

handwarmer hearts!All that remains is to make some cutesy labels and then package them up for my many valentines! They can just pop these little darlings in the microwave for 45 seconds or so, and then keep the now-cozy hearts in their pockets to warm their hands on a chilly winter’s morning.

It kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term heartwarming, doesn’t it?