Felt the [g]LOVE!

I recently stumbled upon a few pairs of soft red gloves inhabiting the last lonely sale rack of a post-Christmas seasonal apparel massacre. I couldn’t just leave them there. As a born and raised north-easterner who has ample experience with nor’easters, I quite justifiably love gloves. Then again, the practical among you might protest (and you would be right in pointing out), I have many gloves. These gloves are not anywhere near as decorative and adorable as the usual gloves I love. . . so, in circumstances such as these, when faced with a glovely bargain, you must ask yourself :

What do you do dear?

for starters

WELL, I’m glad you asked. What did I do? I bought them in a fit of bargain-price-induced impulse. This story, marked as it is by thrift-price induced spendthrifty-ness,  might have ended there, with the little red gloves uselessly gathering dust-bunnies in an environment rife with buyers-remorse . . . but it doesn’t. Instead the previously-orphaned little glovelies just needed a little love added into their sparse lives. Thankfully, I happen to still be in possession of an unholy amount of felt. With a snip-snip hear and a snip-snip there, a small bland square of pale pink felt was soon transformed…

felt thatAll that remained was to gather the tools needed to equip my (seriously) meager excuse for sewing ability . . .

thread. . . and shortly thereafter, the humdrum red gloves – those gloves that might once have disappeared into your average target cart like Waldo in a sea of candy-canes – were utterly transformed by the easiest DIY valentine-ification imaginable.

Behold: A New Kind of Gloves!


Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can have it on your pinky?

Valentine LOVE: Hating Valentine’s Day is Lame

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?!?

v is for valentine


Valentines Day is the perfect holiday; my favorite, actually! I submit that it should really be everyone’s favorite, actually. I mean, it’s a day consecrated to telling everyone how much you love them. What could be better? You get to eat chocolate, love on people and wear bright, warm, happy colors! It’s basically a win-win-win situation! People who hate valentines day are just selfish. Oh don’t get all offended. Think about it! Why do people hate Valentine’s day so openly and aggressively? It is always one of two reasons.

A.) Because they are single.


B.) Because nobody makes them feel special. Or special “enough”.

This is a whole load of hooey. Valentine’s Day should NOT be all about YOU feeling special and everybody showering YOU with love! If you are expecting that, you will always be disappointed! Okay, yes, people who are in couples often use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be particularly nauseating, but this is NOT a reason to hate it, just all the more reason to RECLAIM it! Valentine’s day should be about EVERYONE pausing to recognize that they are enormously blessed by the people in their lives. It should be about showing appreciation for the people we come into contact with every day; about showering people we care about with love. Nothing could be more joyful to celebrate! What could really be better than a day meant to tell people how much you love them? And not just romantically (for you single people who get all angsty!). I have never once had a serious significant other around for a Valentine’s Day celebration. . . but that hasn’t stopped me from having an INCREDIBLE eight years of Valentine joy in my adult life. So, my message to you is the same one I give to myself: Don’t be bitter. Love on people who ARE in your life rather than pouting about the people who aren’t or resenting the happy people around you for the 24 hours of February 14th!



Don’t wreck your Valentine’s day with demanding expectations, just enjoy showering love on other people!

A little Chronicle of My Valentine’s Past!

Freshman Year: Loving New Friends!

Sophomore Year: Growing Friendship Love!

Babysitting Love

Love Overseas: Studying Abroad is NOT an excuse to ignore Valentines Day!

Kitten Love: Sometimes it’s also okay to be nerdy about who/what you love.

Comforting Love: Put a little extra HEART into your chicken soup and share the love with Chicken soup for all!