Felt the [g]LOVE!

I recently stumbled upon a few pairs of soft red gloves inhabiting the last lonely sale rack of a post-Christmas seasonal apparel massacre. I couldn’t just leave them there. As a born and raised north-easterner who has ample experience with nor’easters, I quite justifiably love gloves. Then again, the practical among you might protest (andContinue reading “Felt the [g]LOVE!”

Valentine LOVE: Hating Valentine’s Day is Lame

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?!? via Valentines Day is the perfect holiday; my favorite, actually! I submit that it should really be everyone’s favorite, actually. I mean, it’s a day consecrated to telling everyone how much you love them. What could be better? You get to eat chocolate, love on people and wear bright, warm,Continue reading “Valentine LOVE: Hating Valentine’s Day is Lame”