Hook Me.

First, before you can proceed with giving advice, you must watch this video:

I’m in Phase 6.

Asking that horrible “what now???” question.

I’ve read everything I can about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen, Lucy Pevensie, Bella Swan (yeah, yeah, get over it), Cimorene of Linderwall, Veralidaine Sarrasri, Meliara Astiar, and a whole slew of even-lesser known protagonists. I’ve really tried, but Game of Thrones moves a little slow for me (just being honest). I’ve watched BBC’s Sherlock (again and again and again) until I just can’t cry about the Reichenbach Fall one more time. I fangirled as much as I could about Lost, and I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of Dr. Who and Supernatural of late. I’ve even watched a whole pack of Downton Abbey (although, lets be real, it is a little hard to pay attention to sometimes) and I’m currently show-less! (I just can’t get in to Madmen’s slutty husbands, despite the snazzy fashion. )

Somebody throw me a series that I just can’t put down, for pity’s sake!


Special Education: Not Just For Muggles

I am almost finished with my masters degree in Special Education. By almost, I mean, I have an interminably long 4 classes left to go. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the magical experience of special education classes (for educators), you should know that it is definitely a mixed bag. Like Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans, one class might be a delicious toffee, but another one could very well end up being ear-wax. . . and there’s not always fair warning! You never know what you are going to get, really.

That said, in one of my more toffee-ish graduate classes, we had to learn how to write a full-scale testing report. If you’ve never had the opportunity, it’s distinctly dull (Is that an oxymoron?). SO, in an effort to transfigure a miserably boring assignment into a more palatable process, I decided to put a magical spin on academic testing. I am pretty proud of the result, and will go so far as to claim that what you will read below is almost legitimate enough to be sent to the Special Ed department at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

I hope you enjoyed that. As a post-script, I would also like to share with you a few additional extra suggestions in case you are actually finding this interesting/nerdy/humorous enough to keep reading. First, I think Harry could just be afflicted with an overabundance of wrackspurts, and should consider investing in some spectrespecs. HOWEVER, if the math-based concerns are founded on reality,  I found a few worksheets on someone else’s blog which Harry might find helpful in remedial arithmancy class:

Now, maybe some of you are thinking, “Hey, what was it that Albus Dumbledore once said?

Well, I hate to be a practical person, but abilities are important, too, my friends. Even for wizards. Without some ability (ahem: HERMIONE) Harry wouldn’t have made it past year one! Saving the school from You-Know-Who and being the chosen one will only get you so far in life. . .

SO, in order to avoid these Gandalf-moments (I know, my nerd is showing). . . Harry should focus at least somewhat on his abilities and, particularly in challenging academic situations, he might just heed some other wise words Dumbledore gave him:

Harry Potter & The End (Times?)

Lots of people are saying that 11-11-11 is going to be a big day.

Some are even saying that the world will end and it will be the apocalypse. Yeah. We’ve heard it all before. But amid all of the ridiculous e-mails and bizarre add campaigns, there is one announcement that surpassed them all and grabbed my complete attention. There is one ending that I have no doubt will be taking place.

That’s right: The FINAL Harry Potter film officially comes out on DVD on November 11, 2011. . . TOMORROW!!!

Since this is a decidedly BIG DEAL, I hope you all mix up some home-made butterbeer and stroll down Memories-of-Potter Lane with me tomorrow.

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In the mean time, in honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I would share a slew of Potter-related tid-bits that might get you in the mood for tomorrow’s big event! Or at least get you laughing. shuffling

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(If you liked these, I found them all on Pinterest.com!)

So, KUDOS if you read them all. You’ve officially channeled your inner Hermione.

Happy Harry Potter End Times to you all. . . and don’t worry. No need to shed tears or gnash teeth. For the faithful, it is not the END . . .  if you share my eschatological view, we’re really looking at this as a redemptive thing; the birth of a new era.

So . . . not an ending at all, but a glorious beginning.