Good Tid(y)ings for Comfort and Joy!

You know what they say:


Unfortunately for me, they also say something else. . .

like, say, mine

So, I guess that means that creativity is my consolation-prize for being a low-level slob? Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean home . . . hell will freeze over before dishes pile up over weeks in the sink, and I might even go so far as to say that I clean more than your average 26-year-old. It’s just that. . . well . . . I have a tendency towards clutter. I’m one of those people that, at any given moment has lots of stacks of things that I plan to go through or do “someday”. ┬áIt isn’t that I’m untidy; I’m enterprising!

You see my problem. SO, with the impending Holidays and the hope that I can have a clean home in which I will welcome any and all festive visitors, I am undertaking some tidying efforts – and a few downright scrubbing ones.

Anybody want to join the decluttering-cakey efforts?