The New York Sun[Shine!]


Some of you may have read or seen the somewhat-recently popularized newsstory of young Virginia O’Hanlon. There’s a movie and book that came out not too long ago documenting the story in an endearingly artistic way. As I’ve mentioned before, the 2009 movie Yes, Virginia is the story of a young girl questioning the existence of Santa Claus. As a pragmatic young lady, Virginia wrote a letter to the New York Sun and the ensuing response has been a legacy for Christmas ever since. Check it out! This is a copy of what has, apparently, become the most re-printed newspaper article of all time.


What I really like about the story of young 8-year-old Virginia is the idea that, by simply setting a few lines of type for an editorial, Francis P. (Pharcellus!) Church, the journalist who wrote the response, shared a brightness and positivity that I wish there was more of in the media today.

I stumbled upon a blogpost recently from a site called The Dignified Devil and I loved the way the author, Gregory Smith, describes Francis Church’s response to Virginia. “His example stands against the cynicism of every era, a caution against the magnetic pull of strict logic and constant serious-mindedness . . .”

If you hadn’t heard this story, I hope you find it as sweet and heartening as I did. Although I never believed in Santa as a kid (or as an adult, for that matter!), there is something beautiful in an established Army journalist and serious newspaper editor taking time and ink to perpetuate the magic and beauty that is so often lost as childhood becomes adulthood. Remember that “The most real things in the world that neither children nor men can see . . . Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

That is a truth I celebrate wholeheartedly this season.

Not Your Average Christmas Special

I know I’ve mentioned my love of Christmas Television . . . well, there is one movie that doesn’t get as much positive holiday PR as your typical Christmas special. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning, particularly if you’re in the mood for a little holiday action movie goodness.

Die Hard
Forget Santa

Don’t believe me that this is a Christmassy Flick? Check it out:

Give it a watch. It’s guaranteed to be significantly more fast-paced than your typical viewing this time of year. Enjoy!

Good Tid(y)ings for Comfort and Joy!

You know what they say:


Unfortunately for me, they also say something else. . .

like, say, mine

So, I guess that means that creativity is my consolation-prize for being a low-level slob? Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean home . . . hell will freeze over before dishes pile up over weeks in the sink, and I might even go so far as to say that I clean more than your average 26-year-old. It’s just that. . . well . . . I have a tendency towards clutter. I’m one of those people that, at any given moment has lots of stacks of things that I plan to go through or do “someday”.  It isn’t that I’m untidy; I’m enterprising!

You see my problem. SO, with the impending Holidays and the hope that I can have a clean home in which I will welcome any and all festive visitors, I am undertaking some tidying efforts – and a few downright scrubbing ones.

Anybody want to join the decluttering-cakey efforts?

The Gift of Humor: Puns for Christmas

I have always believed that puns are the highest form of humour.

Just in case you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, here is the definition of a pun according to the internet:

A joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.
SO: by definition, puns require the pun-ER to be witty and the pun-EE to be smart enough to get it
Some PRIME examples of excellent PUNNING:

Nerd humor, anyone? It’s a FERROUS WHEEL!
Heheheh. Clogged… LITERALLY.

In light of the incredible humour inherent in puns (which has just been fully demonstrated), I propose that we Unleash the PUN of Christmas this year. What do I mean? LET me show you.
Get it? Rein-BEER?? 
Don’t be boring. Don’t Serve the Christmas ham NORMALLY this year.
Serve up some HAM SOLO!
Um, who wouldn’t want FREUDIAN SLIPpers for Christmas?
The perfect gift if you are planning to propose a TOAST, no?
Need a punny gift? How about some punny products like BABUSHKUPS???
These are magnets:

CHICK MAGNETS! Definitely on Christmas lists this year: Functional and Funny!

These are soaps: GET IT??? HAND SOAPS???