Real Life: Unprepared

Recently, I have come face to face with a few things I am not prepared to deal with; situations that have left me agog and without any sort of real response. Completely nonplussed. 1.) My Roommate, asking for advice on how to deal with¬†getting arrested. source What was she arrested for, might you ask? Oh,Continue reading “Real Life: Unprepared”

My Real Life: Living With Roommates

I have lived with 17 different people since leaving for college back in 2004. 17 is a large number. In my years as what-feels-like a professional roommate, I have learned a lot. I have met some lovely people and some not-so-lovely people. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and some unexpected experiences. I’ve done some growingContinue reading “My Real Life: Living With Roommates”

Housing Adventures: A Look Back

This was written one day in 2008-2009, while living at my first ever post-college apartment – 22 Prospect St, Beverly, MA.¬† via The neighbors are hammering. This is not to be confused with the ever-popular activity of getting hammered. Oh no. Those are the next-door neighbors. Their drunk quote of the week, as heard onContinue reading “Housing Adventures: A Look Back”

Facebook Status SHUT-Up[!]dates.

Warning: This could possibly be deemed “a rant”. I know Mark Twain wasn’t talking about facebook per se, but he probably would vehemently apply this philosophy to social networking sites as much as other forms of communication . . . I find it highly frustrating when people air their complaints to the Facebook world viaContinue reading “Facebook Status SHUT-Up[!]dates.”