The Trouble with Blogging (& Also Life)

The trouble with blogging is that sometimes you have everything to write about, and so you put it off. Then, before you know it, you have been on a hiatus for months and you don’t know where to go back. 

It is in moments like these that I must remind myself of the true purpose of this blog. . . to document and share the worth-while endeavors I undertake (rather than keeping shoeboxes full of pictures in my attic), with full knowledge that organization and timeline are not the emphasis. BOOM. Reminder administered. 

Me and My Momma, living the Reminder. . .

Me and My Momma, living the Reminder. . .

Life has been busy and full! Since last writing I’ve thrown a prom, traveled to places I’d never been, tackled strange new projects, and tasted hitherto unknown delicacies (such as chocolate cheese, which: Yes, is a real thing).

Prepare for more consistent, yet still just as random, updates!


Christmas Shopping – What a Find?!

While Christmas shopping this year,

I have seen several interesting (read that euphemistically) gift options I might recommend to you… these particular gifts are for very specific people in your lives, those hard-to-shop-for ones that I have taken the liberty of identifying on behalf of the stressed-out shopping population . . . you know, just to save everyone some time.

For the ghetto-fabulous child in your life:

For that ghetto kid in your life . . .

For the obsessive dog-lover:


For the politically-correct or Seinfeld-loving friend:

politically correct

For the too-quiet Coworker:For the Coworker

For the most Obnoxious person you know:

(Warning: Passive-Aggressive gift alert!)


For the young and stupid person who says “YOLO” too much:

oh please

And last, but not least, for the person who believes that the Pope is also a wizard who hangs out with Fairy Princesses: