Christmas Shopping – What a Find?!

While Christmas shopping this year,

I have seen several interesting (read that euphemistically) gift options I might recommend to you… these particular gifts are for very specific people in your lives, those hard-to-shop-for ones that I have taken the liberty of identifying on behalf of the stressed-out shopping population . . . you know, just to save everyone some time.

For the ghetto-fabulous child in your life:

For that ghetto kid in your life . . .

For the obsessive dog-lover:


For the politically-correct or Seinfeld-loving friend:

politically correct

For the too-quiet Coworker:For the Coworker

For the most Obnoxious person you know:

(Warning: Passive-Aggressive gift alert!)


For the young and stupid person who says “YOLO” too much:

oh please

And last, but not least, for the person who believes that the Pope is also a wizard who hangs out with Fairy Princesses:


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