Matt-ers Of The Heart: Chapter 2

Matters of the Heart: A fictionalized tale of a truly concerning romantic phenomenon. By Cakey Hankerson Chapter 2: Close Call with a Matt-a Hari? When people introduce themselves and find out my name is Annie, they usually associate me directly with that cute little gingery orphan girl, sprinkled with freckles, who has never-ending pep and vim.Continue reading “Matt-ers Of The Heart: Chapter 2”

Paris is Always A Good Idea

I have spent a month of my life in Paris. That’s like, one 300th of my life. I think. (Math was never my strong point.) Now, this might sound like a big or small percentage to you, but a month is quite a bit of time to be a tourist in one city, even oneContinue reading “Paris is Always A Good Idea”

The Unplanned Bucket List. . .

I love lists. Actually, I love the gratification of crossing something OFF a list. In fact, I have been guilty of making a list of “Things to do today” halfway through the day just so I can write down the things I’ve already done and cross them off immediately. Don’t judge;  you’ve probably done itContinue reading “The Unplanned Bucket List. . .”

Mooning over Macarons: Macarooning?

Have you ever tried a macaron? Don’t confuse these with the Macarooooooon. That would be like confusing a cloud with a birds nest; like an Hermes scarf with a Forever 21 bandanna. I am going to attempt to use the meager provisions of vocabulary to describe to you the beauty of the macaron . .Continue reading “Mooning over Macarons: Macarooning?”