Wishin’ & Hopin’

This:  makes me wish for this:  So, today, I am closing my eyes in the face of this: . . . and remembering that this will be here soon:

Four Seasons – Not Just A Restaurant

You never understand the reality of living in New England until you have forgotten what the front porch looks like without salt stains, you can’t remember what it feels like to walk on dry pavement (forget about grass!), and you can tell that there was an overnight snowfall merely because of the pale white qualityContinue reading “Four Seasons – Not Just A Restaurant”

The Unplanned Bucket List. . .

I love lists. Actually, I love the gratification of crossing something OFF a list. In fact, I have been guilty of making a list of “Things to do today” halfway through the day just so I can write down the things I’ve already done and cross them off immediately. Don’t judge;  you’ve probably done itContinue reading “The Unplanned Bucket List. . .”