Life: An Opportunity for Masquerade!

My tongue-in-cheek Staff Award of 2012  might clue you in to my affinity for costumes. I know I’ve mentioned it before. . . . . . but it bears repeating: I love costumes. Well, today I encountered a new TOP REASON why I need to learn to sew. Lead by a suggestion (from a friendContinue reading “Life: An Opportunity for Masquerade!”


Today, in the school where I work, one of the 2012 one-hundred most influential people in health-care  ; a respected, reputable , and intelligent author, spoke to our high school student body about Health Care. So, here are my gleanings:  this man, who is also a professor at MIT, was instrumental in working with Mitt RomneyContinue reading “Obama-care…”

Roommate Advice (aka: Act Like An Adult)

Things you should know if you plan to have success living with other adult human beings: 1.) Sometimes, you have to share. via This involves living space, couch space, TV time, apartment expenses, and all major appliances. If you don’t want someone to sit near you on the couch, then don’t camp out in the livingContinue reading “Roommate Advice (aka: Act Like An Adult)”

Laughing My Way To The Weekend

I am a firm believer in finding the funny in day-to-day life (in case you didn’t know).  Maybe that’s why I love puns so much. . . especially unintentional ones.  One of my favorites involves a certain French Dictionary with which some of you may be familiar. One day, during a French class I was teaching, IContinue reading “Laughing My Way To The Weekend”