My Real Life: Living With Roommates

I have lived with 17 different people since leaving for college back in 2004. 17 is a large number. In my years as what-feels-like a professional roommate, I have learned a lot. I have met some lovely people and some not-so-lovely people. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and some unexpected experiences. I’ve done some growingContinue reading “My Real Life: Living With Roommates”

Marriage proposals, Stalkers and Rabbit Heads…

I wrote this way back in Fall of 2006, while studying abroad in France. I just took the most incredible bath ever. Seriously, it was the stuff of dreams (or nightmares –depending on how recently you’ve seen the film What Lies Beneath€). This tub is the biggest tub I have ever seen. You could probably submergeContinue reading “Marriage proposals, Stalkers and Rabbit Heads…”

Thoughts From Paris

A few years ago, I wrote this while travelling in Paris: Paris, and what I am currently thinking about it. . . via 1.) I am writing my thoughts in a list, because I have lost all ability to think clearly and numbers give a facade of organization to my chaotic stammering sentences. This isContinue reading “Thoughts From Paris”

The Blair Witch Project: A Roommate Drama

The steady pounding resonated through the entire house. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. Each contact was made with such force that I felt anxiety resonate in the pit of my stomach . . . and no small amount of concern for the floorboards. My roommate, Blair, was demonstrating what Caitlin (my other roommate) likes toContinue reading “The Blair Witch Project: A Roommate Drama”

Une Histoire Triste; A Sad Story

Allright, this is one of the first stories that I have written in French. As per certain requests, I have also translated it. Since it’s true that everything loses something in translation, I tried to make it as true to my intent (as the author) as possible. Sorry that it is sad. It is aContinue reading “Une Histoire Triste; A Sad Story”

The end of Raoul: A Melodrama (a.k.a. Le Poisson Rouge Se Meurt)

I wrote this a few years ago and, after I stumbled upon it recently, I decided it was worth a laugh or two. So, in memory of Raoul and also Babette, Enjoy! It was a long slow float into the darkness. . . but I should begin at the beginning. My usually-chipper Fancy black goldfish,Continue reading “The end of Raoul: A Melodrama (a.k.a. Le Poisson Rouge Se Meurt)”

Blast From The Past: Cultural Angst

When I think back to living in France, it usually is with that rosy nostalgia-induced view that perhaps embellishes a little over time, but life was not always the scintillating cultural magic that it appears to be in the photographs . . . a few days ago I came across the following chat-conversation between anotherContinue reading “Blast From The Past: Cultural Angst”

Maudlin with Madeleines

Once upon a time, when I lived in France, I fell in love. It was a whisper-soft morning in Aix-en-Provence, and the world of southern France was stirring like a spoon through honey – slowly; sweetly. Still new enough to delight in every minute facet of this uniquely french culture in which I found myself,Continue reading “Maudlin with Madeleines”

OH Roommates.

via Let me set the scene. My bedroom door is right next to the bathroom. This is pretty convenient, but also kind of awkward occasionally. I am used to it, but it also occasionally gives me access to some interesting inter-roommate conversations. This is the most recent that made me chuckle: Roommate A had justContinue reading “OH Roommates.”