Real Life: Unprepared

Recently, I have come face to face with a few things I am not prepared to deal with; situations that have left me agog and without any sort of real response. Completely nonplussed. 1.) My Roommate, asking for advice on how to deal with getting arrested. source What was she arrested for, might you ask? Oh,Continue reading “Real Life: Unprepared”

A Travellogue

This was written just after Christmastime, at the start of 2007, as I travelled from Boston to Marseille after spending a short week home. Alright, let me preface my “travel thoughts” section with the somewhat-obvious point that I arrived safely and am now sitting in my room in Aix feeling very sleepy but wonderful afterContinue reading “A Travellogue”

Méchantes Ados : Teaching French Through Mean Girls

I have never been the biggest fan of Mean Girls. (We’re talking the movie, as I don’t think anyone is actually a fan of mean people, regardless of gender.) via It’s not that I disliked it, per se, but given my choices for high-school film satire, I prefer 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s TheContinue reading “Méchantes Ados : Teaching French Through Mean Girls”

Burn Book Gone Wild. . . & French

Check out the amazingly histerical and wonderful student work I received in class today! Page 1: The Zebra went to the mall to get a spray tan because she was really a horse! Page 2: The Ostriche went to the club with the giraffe because they were strippers. Page 3: The tiger went shopping atContinue reading “Burn Book Gone Wild. . . & French”

Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French

Student Work is one of my favorite things. Especially the following pages of an assigned French “Burn Book”… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Page 1: Your garbage man made friends out of garbage at his home because he smelled so bad that nobody loved him.  Page 2: Your waiter watchedContinue reading “Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French”

Reflections on being “home”…

This was written in June of 2007, shortly after returning home from a year spent living in Aix-en-Provence. I’m there…here… When all is said and done, I’ve decided that going abroad is sort of like being a chronic not-dater. Nobody really gets it unless they’re in the exact same situation. So you end up soundingContinue reading “Reflections on being “home”…”