The Worst Habit of them All

If you’re looking for a new hobby and have considered: A. Excessive & Regular Consumption of Alcohol B. Smoking (anything habitually) C. Gambling D. Auditioning for a Role on a Reality TV Show Such as Sister Wives E. Moving to New York or Hollywood to be an Actor F. Being a Professional Internet Fangirl G.Continue reading “The Worst Habit of them All”

Yes, I’d like a little cheese with this . . .

Dear Immune System, We’ve had this conversation before, so I don’t really understand the issue. Do you have to leave town exactly when stress is visiting? Just because you had one negative encounter does NOT mean you are allowed to jump ship as soon as the workload increases. You’re supposed to be better than this. Also,Continue reading “Yes, I’d like a little cheese with this . . .”