Time Keeps On.

I sometimes wish I had a timeturner, or a magical bed-knob, or even one of those root cellars that transports people back to the civil war era. Time is such a fickle beast. via One moment it seems like a minute will never pass and sixty seconds are an interminable era, but then you blinkContinue reading “Time Keeps On.”

Housing Adventures: A Look Back

This was written one day in 2008-2009, while living at my first ever post-college apartment – 22 Prospect St, Beverly, MA.  via The neighbors are hammering. This is not to be confused with the ever-popular activity of getting hammered. Oh no. Those are the next-door neighbors. Their drunk quote of the week, as heard onContinue reading “Housing Adventures: A Look Back”

Dear Tonsils,

I know we’ve been in this together for a while now, but I just feel like this isn’t working anymore.  via The truth is, we’ve both made mistakes. I spent too much time at work with my students and threw all of my other efforts into grad school instead of our relationship upkeep. That neglectContinue reading “Dear Tonsils,”

What I Love Today:

#1: I want to be cool enough to have made this video first: I’m obsessed!  #2: I seriously laughed out loud at these salient questions concerning Disney’s Beauty and the Beast http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/questions-disney-forgot-to-answer-about-beauty-and-the-be (Seriously, read them.) #3: While giving me a routine cleaning, my dental hygienist told me “I’m not stalking you, but I drove by your schoolContinue reading “What I Love Today:”

Firth of All:

I know I am not alone in my perpetual crushing on Colin Firth, despite our huge age differential. The man successfully interprets such gorgeous sensitive men on screen, it’s hard not to believe he’s a little bit like that off-screen. Don’t agree with me? Let’s look at the evidence: #1: The Importance of Being Earnest? viaContinue reading “Firth of All:”

Adult Learning…

 I have learned several things recently. Paul McCartney had a dog named Martha, that he loved mucho! via Jack the Ripper only had like, 5 confirmed victims. That’s not very many to have made such a name for himself. Just sayin’. via Jimmy Stewart apparently got his start in showbiz by playing accordion! via HitlerContinue reading “Adult Learning…”

She’s a BRIK house!

A increasingly long time ago, when I was in college, in an effort to get creative for a class project, I decided to tackle the making of some tunisian tastiness, and document the process through photos. . . but first I had to know, What on earth should I make? After my college self (seeContinue reading “She’s a BRIK house!”