The Privilege of Teaching: Witnessing Goodness

Today, in class, one of my students who typically is very withdrawn/antisocial did the most incredible thing. No hyperbole. It was truly the sweetest and kindest unsolicited thoughtful act I’ve ever seen someone do.  Backstory: I have taught this student for years and he has never seemed to connect very well with other classmates, no matterContinue reading “The Privilege of Teaching: Witnessing Goodness”

Dear John (Green)

source Dear John, I have never written to an author before. Nor have I written any kind of “dear John” letter, for that matter. My name is, however, Abigail Adams, so it seems only fitting that I write my first actual fan mail to someone named John, now that I think about it. I wantContinue reading “Dear John (Green)”

Succulent Terrariums!

A friend and I recently decided that the best rainy day activity would be the making of a Succulent garden. . . So, we assembled all the necessary ingredients (Rocks, Soil, Sand, Succulents, etc.) Then, we followed Martha’s instructions, and layered rocks and soil. Once we had the soil ready, we planted our baby succulents!Continue reading “Succulent Terrariums!”

GISHWHES 2013: Team UndercoverCivilians

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted some of my adventures, which grad school, teacher back-to-school, and GISHWHES will do to you. But fear not, I’ve still had adventures aplenty. GISHWHES, which stands for The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, was a magical experience. One week, 156 crazy items toContinue reading “GISHWHES 2013: Team UndercoverCivilians”

Brakes over Break…

Usually, a trip “home” to Ithaca, NY means a lot of beautiful experiences, and this long weekend trip was no exception! From sunrise on the lake (with Dad in a fishing boat!) to blueberry picking with Mom to local beer-tastings with dear old friends, this past weekend had a lot of lovely moments. However .Continue reading “Brakes over Break…”

AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!

1.) I love crumbled goat cheese . . . especially on salad with lightly oiled and sautéed sweet peppers. And Stop-n-Shop’s new balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (found by the fresh spices in the produce section, in case you’re searching). YUM. Go eat it right now!!! via 2.) Sometimes (in case you didn’t notice) when IContinue reading “AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!”