Eerily Similar

There are some people that look just eerily alike . . .  Such as, can you always tell the difference between Clark Gable and George Clooney? via, via Or what about Amy Adams and Catherine Deneuve?   via, via Who is whose doppelgänger? Do you have a lookalike? I once had a roommate that looked remarkably like Regina Spector.Continue reading “Eerily Similar”

What’s in a Name?

You’ve gotta ask, though, would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? If roses were called . . . feces or stinkers or something, would they still be quite as appealing? I have my doubts. There are so many names I love, even some that circulate through my family, too. Chloe, Penfield, Charlotte (lottie!), Robert, Beatrix, Evelyn, Zoe, Nicolas, Merry, Henry, Isabelle, Ernest, Oscar, Frederick (Freddie), Tova, Nora, Josephine, Augusta, Lawrence, Della, Irene, Esther, Jack, Lucille/Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Firth of All:

I know I am not alone in my perpetual crushing on Colin Firth, despite our huge age differential. The man successfully interprets such gorgeous sensitive men on screen, it’s hard not to believe he’s a little bit like that off-screen. Don’t agree with me? Let’s look at the evidence: #1: The Importance of Being Earnest? viaContinue reading “Firth of All:”

Adult Learning…

 I have learned several things recently. Paul McCartney had a dog named Martha, that he loved mucho! via Jack the Ripper only had like, 5 confirmed victims. That’s not very many to have made such a name for himself. Just sayin’. via Jimmy Stewart apparently got his start in showbiz by playing accordion! via HitlerContinue reading “Adult Learning…”

This One Is For You. Yes, you.

“But what if there really were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME!”   via In case you need another little encouragement example . . . via

Four on the Fourth

Today in Random Review 1.) Does nobody else find it weird that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus grow more physically similar by the day? justin – via, miley – via 2.) Today (the 4th) involved the most incredible and ridiculous  news story of the year, and it’s only February. 3.) I found out that oneContinue reading “Four on the Fourth”